Where can I access funding for my startup company? A very common question as you might imagine. There are options available to startups, but they all have their own set of conditions. I assume that your strategic plan is complete and polished to a high degree of fluency? And of course your business plan is a thorough assessment of opportunities and risks. Now you just need someone to tell your story to. I will give you some ideas how you can get this new venture off the ground. Throughout the article you will find highlighted links to more in depth coverage of a topic, perhaps in another post.

You have thought about it long enough and now it is time to get some traction. Some start up money to get the first tasks done and to start feeling like you have a business. Immediately lets forget about banking institutions of any kind. Banks are not in the business of financing startups, and they also don’t see themselves as your sole source of funds. When the time does come to talk to the banks, you will want to show them that you have utilized other sources to get to where you are today. That you have already sought out and utilized other sources of funding begins to paint a picture of a proactive business owner.