There will be rough water to navigate. You need a team. And you will be asked about your team in great detail. Be sure that each member fills a necessary role. Think of quality before quantity. Two key players are better than a group of mediocre yes-men.

Some tasks simply need a good team.

My next insight to you is this: Investors look first to the management team. They invest in people, not projects, markets, patents, or ideologies. They invest in the people who are making the decisions that will lead this company into the future. Accept this common denominator; there is little that is worthwhile that can be done by one person. And equally important; just because it is your idea, does not mean you are the best candidate to roll this company out successfully. A skilled management team will take a mediocre project to a successful completion. But an inexperienced team will fail despite adequate resourcesYou must be able to demonstrate a confidence-inspiring leadership team.


This will not be easy come / easy go. The right people will not just fall into your arms. You must go find them. Your network contact list will become your best friend. How many people do you know? And if each person you know in turn knows approximately the same number, then how many people do you have access to? Put the word out. Go through your social media contacts. Make sure that you join all business networking platforms. I have been on LinkedIn for over 15 years now. I can target any occupations or industries or other interests on that one platform. And there are other platforms as well depending on your needs.

Local networks such as business breakfast meetings work well. Usually you do a short presentation when you join and then later can engage other members directly. Once again I want to remind you that each contact you make has their network as well.


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