Will you find what you are looking for on this website? I suppose that will depend on the search query that landed you here. So let me explain what you will find here today, and where this site is headed into the future. To create some perspective of “who, what and why” we are here lets examine some history. But to quote one of my several business mentors, “First Things First.”

20 years as the CEO of a Canadian IPP (Independent Power Producer) awarded me with a wealth of experience in the sustainable energy technology sector. After 2 decades of focused thinking it is not so easy to just retire and stop. The thinking continues. Ideas still flow. Knowledge requires expansion. There is much work to be done yet. If I do not do it, then who will do it?

“We do not own this world, we just borrowed it from our children. We must give back to them what is left of it when we are gone!”

At first I considered to once again embrace the energy market and go to work. At 70 years of age, in today’s medical world, I am most likely to have 1 or 2 decades of life left. But then I thought about my role differently. I know what needs to be done. I know how to get it done. But do I have to do it myself? I think not! I know there are young minds out there that are looking towards the future with uncertainty. I speak to those minds everyday as I mentor hundreds of university students and business people every year.

The tech start-up industry has experienced a recent acceleration of interest from the investment sector. The banking industry reports that investment is becoming more comfortable to extend itself in the early post -pandemic months. As new interests begin to emerge there will be a rapid flow of capital into emerging technologies.

We are all about ENERGY technologies.

Within this website we will bring you our experience across several business sectors. We will discuss various impediments to developing energy projects, and offer our experience regarding how to get past these hurdles. But most of all, we hope to help you surpass some of the less productive experiences of entrepreneurship.

You may contact us directly for discussion regarding any of these technologies.

    • Hydrogen
    • wet gas
    • flared gas
    • bio gas
    • H2S
    • biomass
    • gasification
    • pyrolysis
    • solar pv
    • solar hot water
    • vertical axis wind turbines
    • ocean energy
    • solid state thermal electric power
    • water desalination
    • water purification
    • water bottling plant design