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Since 2003 GEPCL has worked towards positioning itself as the NUMBER 1 technology company in the Alternative and Sustainable Energy Market. As well as its own proprietary Combustion Enhancement Technologies, GEPCL has entered into strategic partnerships with other Canadian, cutting-edge alternative technology, developers.

Our focus has been on the oil and gas industry, which we have watched evolve into an energy focused industry, as the need for environmentally friendly sources of power generation became prevelant over petrol chemical, carbon based technologies which brought us from wood burning fireplaces into the high tech world which in which we live today.

Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR)

Billions of cubic meters of natural gas is flared annually at oil production sites around the globe. Flaring gas wastes a valuable energy resource that could be used to support economic growth and progress. It also contributes to climate change by releasing millions of tons of CO2 to the atmosphere. (cont’d)

Solar Technologies are Reaching Unprecedented Economics

Access to affordable, reliable, sustainable modern energy is vital to reaching all other UN Sustainable Development Goals and critical for many countries to meet their climate change mitigation targets. Canadian companies such as our strategic partner, Demand Renewables Inc, have achieved levels of dependability enabling warranties of 20 years on many of their solar products.  An energy revolution is happening. (cont’d)

Waste to Energy

One man’s garbage is another man’s energy!

Information that was relevant five years ago, is obsolete today. This is especially true in the waste disposal industry. The open burning of garbage, still practised in many countries, contribuites countless toxins and particulate matter to the environment.  Although many developed countries have banned the practise of burning waste, there are still dozens which have not. Until recently, environmentally efficient technologies were both very expensive and inefficient.

However, after years of research and development, one Canadian company has come to the market with a robust and environmentally friendly solution to transform a variety of waste streams into valuable, marketable products.  Bio-TechPhar Inc. has produced a clean-tech product capable of recycling everything from old railroad ties to plastics. (Con’t)

Leading the Way

The Green Electric Group of Companies is here to assist you in attaining your corporate green innitiatives. Everyone from environmental lobbyists, investors, government agencies and local communities is looking for actions to replace dialogue.

Theodore Rosevelt said in regards to having any form of success:

“Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are, now!”

To achieve your future goals, you have to take action now.
2019 is the year. The time is now.

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