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Photo of David JollymoreDavid Jollymore, B.Sc,  U of Sask.
Chief Executive Officer
Extensive experience in power generation
International experience focused on renewable energy – solar and gas power





Photo of Russell Wong

Russell Wong, MBA,
Ryerson University, Lake Superior State University
President, Managing Director
25 years project mgr, marketing & sales
Hi-tech & Oil and Gas work experience
Expertise in design, mfg and projects




Photo of David Stewart




David Stewart, P. Eng.
Sr Energy Engineer
University of Rhode Island
Extensive experience in renewable energies with a focus on design and development of co-generation and geothermal systems




Photo of Bruce Marks


Bruce Marks, P. Eng.
Sr Industrial Engineer
Chief Industrial Engineer
40 years industrial engineering and operations experience and co-generation experience




Photo of Dr Paul EgeDr. Paul Ege, PhD., Chemical Eng
Consulting Eng / Gas Chemistry
Western University
20 years chemical process development experience Worked with carbon, hydrogen, silicon, combustion, gasification and energy production
Operation and design of multiphase chemical reactors, plasma technology, solids handling, steam boilers, heat exchangers